Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose control over my billing if I outsource?
In fact you will have full control of your practice. We will provide you with a direct log in to your account giving you 24/7direct access to all billing information. This transparency allows you to monitor the work that we are doing.
How large of a practice are you capable of handling?
Our staff is capable of handling large and small practice. No matter the size of the practice we will provide you with accuracy and personal attention.

How do we get our information to you to bill?

There are several options:

  1. Courier service. No charge to client.
  2. Scan and submit through our secure website.
  3. Fax the documents to us.
How quickly do you submit claims?
The claims are submitted within 24-48 hours.
Do you bill patients for their share?
We send out patients statements every month, with our contact information if they have any questions or concerns about the bill.
Where are the payments sent to?
All the payments (Insurance, patient payments) are sent to the doctors mailing address and with most Insurance companies we set up Electronic Funds Transfer, payments are deposited directly in to the doctors bank account.
How will AMBC get paid?
AMBC will get paid when your practice gets paid. We are paid based on a percentage of your monthly collections that have been made by AMBC.